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What is heaven like?

Some points to ponder from Pastor Jack Kelley.

Billy Graham was once asked if there would be golf courses in heaven. "If they're necessary for our happiness," he replied, "They'll be there." That's the criteria: Whatever's necessary for our happiness. Take a minute to imagine your eternity. Now please don't let your imagination be limited to something like the greatest amusement park ever. Happiness is not about meaningless diversionary activity, it's about expanding your mind with new knowledge, skills and experience. Let your mind go free to wander among the possibilities.

For example, what if our eternal environment was designed with our individuality in mind and actually mirrored our uniqueness? What if it was painted in our favourite colours using our favourite shapes, sizes and textures and what if it expanded before us like a giant kaleidoscope so that as we grew familiar with it, it grew too, always stimulating and exciting and never boring FOREVER? What if we could attempt anything we could imagine without the possibility of failure? What if we could amaze and astound ourselves with our capabilities and realise that they were gifts from the One Who created us, always there within us, and finally available because of His sacrifice of love?

I like the woods. My husband prefers the sea. What if our eternity suited both of us so that we could experience our favourite places together at the same time? Think about that. I would be in the woods and he would be on the beach. But we would also be together. I would see everything in my favourite shapes and colours and he would see everything in his, but we'd both be looking at the same things.

Certainly we'll spend lots of time worshipping God, just as we do here, giving thanks for all He's given us. But the earthly bonds that restrain us will be released, our brains energized, and our senses sharpened, and our unique capabilities revealed, not only for worship, but for all our experiences. We'll finally become all that we were created to be, God's work of art: the highest example of His creative ability. Got any idea what that means? Got any idea how thankful you'll be?

Like Paul said, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him." (1 Cor 2:9). Even in your wildest imagination you can't come close to describing the joy awaiting you. Remember Paul actually went there and saw it (2 Cor. 12:2-4). He should know.

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