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These are our requests for this week: cold meat (ham, corned beef, etc) fish, rice pudding, steamed puddings, custard, coffee, pasta sauce, and jam or other spreads. Smaller size packets of cereal would be useful and also UHT milk with as long a date as possible.

However, there are a few things that we really do not need at the moment : Hot meat (ie meat that is usually heated before eating) biscuits, dry rice and pasta. We also have large numbers of sachets of pasta/rice with sauce, and we are very well stocked with toiletries. Tins of kidney beans, chick peas, lentils, and butterbeans are not needed at present. We would be particularly grateful to receive: soup, tomatoes, cold meat, fish, rice pudding, steamed puddings, custard, squash, sugar, treats, jam and coffee. Stock of these items is very low. We will also soon be needing: cereals, baked beans, vegetables, pasta sauce, UHT milk, potatoes and dog food.

We currently have plenty of: hot meat, fruit, biscuits, dry rice and pasta, tea, cat food and toiletries.

Please place food donations in the wire basket just inside the church or bring them to the Lady Chapel at 10 am on a Tuesday.

Thank you.

For the latest Bexhill foodbank update click here

Out of Date Food

Occasionally we find OUT OF DATE food items in our donation basket. Unfortunately, we cannot use this food and it has to be binned. Please ensure that any donated food is well within the sell by or best before dates. Thank you for your continued support.




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These are our requests for this week: cold meat (ham, corned beef, etc) fish, rice pudding,...

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